Payson High’s NHS Serves Community All Season Long

By Audrey Miller
nhs. Katlyn Rowley with sub for santa gifts.JPG

‘Tis the season for service and giving and there are many ways to take part in the true spirit of Christmas. For example, Payson High’s National Honor Society has donated their time and effort through Sub for Santa, serving at the Food and Care Coalition, and caroling at the local Beehive home. At the Food and Care Coalition, NHS members sung carols in addition to serving food. “I was really surprised how much the homeless appreciated our singing, one lady came and thanked me for the Christmas spirit it brought, it was really neat,” NHS member Mercedes John said. Seeing all those in need was eye opening for the group, the young children especially struck a chord in many of their hearts, “I don’t think many of us realize how blessed we truly are, these people have so little and yet are grateful for so much. More people should be like that,” John continued. Sub for Santa has been a hit not only with NHS, but with the entire school. With NHS advisor, Mrs. Joy Benson’s room full of gifts for others and a whole bunch of holiday cheer there are sure to be many happy kids on Christmas morning. NHS President Breanna Nelson had this to say about their service, “Service is important because it’s a way to forget yourself and serve someone else. I think a lot of people don’t realize that when you serve others, you are not only helping them, but you are helping yourself as well.”
 Caroling at the Beehive home had its own awards. Seeing the elderly and their appreciation for life encouraged all those who sang to go home with a new appreciation for the lives they have ahead of them. The elderly connected with many of the youth and the group loved hearing all of the stories and neat things the elderly had to say. NHS has had quite an extraordinary month and has learned quite a lot about service and the appreciation for their lives they now have.
“There is no better time than this to serve, and I really want to encourage the whole community to find a way to help out someone in need. Everyone can serve no matter their circumstances, they can give their time, their resources or a listening ear to someone who has had a hard day,” Benson said. A few ways that one can help out the community this winter include donating to one of the local food drives going on, volunteering, shoveling snow from a neighbor’s driveway, reading to a younger sibling or child, or donating supplies such as blankets and toys to a local hospital. May we all capture the genuine spirit of Christmas through acts of service and love.