Payson High School Honors Veterans in Assembly

By Brianne Hiatt
Veterans Day.JPG

On November 11, 2010 PHS faculty, staff, and students had the opportunity to listen to one of our own Payson High School graduates and military man, General Jeff Burton. General Burton spoke about his tours while in the military and how important it is to honor our soldier’s everyday not just on Veteran’s Day.  “The assembly made me reflect on how we should show more support and thankfulness for the soldiers I know and any soldier I see. I really enjoyed it,” said PHS student Audrey Miller.  Thank you to General Burton and all who helped put together a great assembly. PHS has a new perspective on patriotism. As a community we also can have a new perspective on patriotism. Let’s stand up straight and strong to our soldiers and each other not once a year, but every day.