Payson Onion Days

Written by: Annika Spencer
Onion Days

Payson Onion Days is one of my favorite events. There are always so many fun activities to enjoy. The best part for me is watching it all get put together. Many of these activities included:  the carnival, the parade, the fireworks, family barbeques, etc.  

The carnival was fun as always... the rides, the candied apples, and walking through the booths set up throughout Memorial park. The parade was quite big this year with around 100 entries, whether you participated in the parade or sat and watched, it was very enjoyable.  

There were fireworks put on at Payson High which were the most spectacular I have seen in years, there were all different varieties which were lit off to some music. The family barbeques, let’s be honest whose family doesn’t throw a barbeque on Labor Day? That is one of my favorite family traditions and it always will be.

So whether or not you enjoyed any of these activities, it was still a four day weekend, which we all really enjoy. That is enough of a celebration in itself. Maybe next year participate in the activities. Then you will not be sitting in your basement eating ice cream and watching Netflix all by yourself. Grab your friends and head out for a night on the town.