Payson Pride Restored

By: Aubrey Nelson
Restored Trophies
1972 team members receiving restored trophy
Coach Roger Reid Nebo Hall of Fame Inductee
Hall Of Fame Award presented by Everett Kelepolo

Payson High school has a long legacy of championships. Payson High School has been feared since its founding in 1912. Over the years, Payson High has been recognized as champions in almost every sport. However, in recent years, the state trophies have had need to be restored. In 2012 Mission: Restore the Pride began. The mission was to restore 14 state champion and state runner up trophies. Now, in December of 2014, all 14 trophies have been returned to their rightful place—the halls of PHS. Mr. McGuire says, “The trophies have even been done in the original style of the year they were won.”

 On December 4, 2014 during of the Payson vs. Spanish Fork basketball game the 1972 Payson High basketball team was re-awarded their state runner up trophy. The coach, Roger Reid, and former players were honored during half time as they were presented a replacement trophy to celebrate their timeless victory.  Coach Reid was also inducted into the Nebo Hall of Fame by Nebo District Athletic Coordinator, Everett Kelepolo. Roger Reid is a legend here at Payson High. Reid started his coaching career as the Payson varsity team basketball coach. He was then hired on as assistant coach at BYU. He then moved through the ranks to head coach. He has even coached the NBA Phoenix Suns. Roger Reid is one of the best basketball coaches in Utah, and he started his career right here at Payson High School.

Payson High has the heart of a champion. Now, with these newly restored trophies, we wear our heart on our sleeve. In 2014 Payson Lions deserve respect for the years of greatness that have come before us. We have pride in our past, with 14 brand new trophies to show for it, and vision for the future, with many state championships to come. The Payson Lions reign. Let our rivals fear.