Penny Wars Earns Money for Sub For Santa

By Amanda Sonderegger

           Hark ye, hark ye, what goes there? Is that the sound of pennies I hear throughout the halls of PHS? Why yes it is! You know why? Because Penny Wars is back in business everybody! Yes, it’s that blessed time of year again when Payson High School students bring spare change and paper money to donate to the Penny War’s cause. 
            Penny Wars has become a yearly tradition and fundraiser combined with Sub for Santa. Members of PHS Student Council carry around jars, buckets, cups, or whatever else to have people donate to the Christmas fundraiser. The Student Council members then buy Christmas for families in the community. Sa-weet! However, it’s also a competition among the three grades: Sophomores, Juniors, and SENIORS! So far, it’s been pretty rough business with lots of contention in the school, but hey, it’s all for a good cause right? There was another twist this year; if the whole school raised $1200 then the Student Council brethren would have to shave their heads and the ladies would have to wear the boys’ hair for a week. Morbid and disgusting? Yep, but it’s also awesome! 
            Anyways, thank you to everyone who has participated and contributed to Penny Wars this year! You’ve made Christmas brighter for other families, and all donations were much appreciated.