People of Payson

By: Briton Wilson of Lions Roar Newspaper

Here at Payson High School we all love to do different things with different people.
There are things like Choir where they go on lots of different performances around Payson, such as different ward parties and other things that happen around Christmas time. They also have their own Christmas Concert that is probably one of the most amazing performances they do. Another thing they do is go on a Salt Lake Temple Square trip. For this trip they perform different performances at Temple Square, at the old Chapel, or the other Visitors Centers as well. They are often busy and very cheerful about it during the Christmas time of year.
The FFA is also going on. They are amazing at what they do. All of them helped each other and made an actual trailer with each other, which was very big and made with steel and wood, painted red. It was so good that they took home from the state fair First Place. They got a ribbon and everything, including bragging rights. The FFA is amazing.
We also have a Basketball team here at PHS. They have had two home games so far and they have done awesome. They have had three pointers, and have gotten dunks as well. They are in Florida right now for a fun time and playing basketball. They are really just doing their thing that they usually do when they are in Florida: playing basketball.