PHS 2010 - 2011 Student Council Ready for New Year

By Willl Parson (Photo by Kari Nielson)

                Another summer gone – and your new student council is determined to make this year your best year of high school ever!  Every one of our 17 officers is here for you, and we are open to any ideas, suggestions, or even criticism that you might have to make this year as awesome as possible.  So talk to us!  We want to know what you think.

The theme for this year is “Awaken the Lion Within.”  High school is more than just homework, tests, and the occasional football or basketball game.  High school is about getting involved and finding out what you enjoy.   We know high school can get a bit boring at times; that’s where we come in.  Our goal this year is for every single student at Payson High School to find their own “lion” inside.  However, you can’t find your inner Lion if you never even look for him, so try some new things!

This year’s student body officers are Will Parson, Braiden Muniz, Camron Rogers, Audrey Moffat, Katie Swenson, and Nefi Nogueira.  Our senior class officers are Aaron Ethridge, Camille Bingham, Tari Whatcott, and Trevor Gneiting.  The junior class officers are Jordan Wood, Kai Schulze, Mary Allphin, and Meagen Stanton.  Finally, your sophomore class officers are Kate Hannifin, Jordyn Earl, and Josh “J-Money” Brown.