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PHS Baseball Team's Got Talent

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 03/28/2014 - 11:23

Baseball, Just a word too many of us, but life for a few. Twenty nine driven and dedicated boys are on the Payson High team this year and they are consistently putting in the hours of practice it takes to win a state championship. When talking to one of the senior captains, Seth Sorensen, about this season, he explained what the team is doing to make sure they succeed

“We try to learn from the bad and focus on the good,” said Sorensen “We have a saying that we kind of go by and it’s “So what? Next pitch.” That means that baseball is a game of failures. You will fail every time you play baseball. If you’re not failing, you’re not playing” said Sorensen

Not only does Seth have a positive outlook on this season, so does one of the varsity pitchers Wyatt Voorhees

“We have a lot of talent. We are trying to be more talkative and positive in the games. We seniors are trying to take charge and set an example. I think we should do well this season, we should go far,” said Voorhees

As the season goes on, the team’s winning record is consistently rising. With a strong infield, an energetic outfield and an unstoppable pitching and catching duo, it’s no surprise that the team is fierce this season. When asking varsity left fielder Stockton Knotts about his experience this season he couldn’t help but express his true feelings

“We’re going through a rough start because our players aren’t playing to their full potential, but we haven’t given up. We all realize our full potential, we just need kids to put in the extra effort,” said Knotts

Not only does Knotts realize the rough patch, so does Coach Kidd, but when asking him about this season, he was nothing but positive on the outcome so far

“We should be pretty competitive” said Kidd “We’ve had a rough start, but we are just starting to mesh as a team and figure out who we are as a team. Seth Sorensen and Wyatt Voorhees are strong at the mount, Stockton Knotts will be strong at the plate, and Dallon Neves is a strong defensive leader at short stop. We have good seniors and young talent and right now our pitching is really strong,” said Kidd


Though the team is going through a rough spot, the boy’s attitude towards the game is stronger than ever. Make sure you go out and support the mighty Lions this season, stay positive and good luck boys!