PHS Boys Basketball Preview

By Brianne Penrod and Jennifer Dees


                The Payson High School Boys’ Basketball Team has high hopes for this season; twenty talented young men are thrilled to compete as the Payson Lions. The team plans on taking the region title, and then playing in the State Tournament, “We have a great bunch of guys,” Head Coach Dan Lunt related, “I’m looking forward to this year.” The team’s strategy is to capitalize on turnovers and fast breaks; everyone is fast and quick on their feet. “We are running gunners. We practice breaks and lay-ups and we’re excited about this season,” says Junior player, B.J. Ford.
                Although the players are young, the team won’t over look anybody; skill and dedication are what matters. “I’m excited about going to state and winning the championship.” says Junior player, Braden Wright. Their first home game will be on December 1 against Union, which they are certain they will win. Hopefully they will succeed and continue to do so throughout the season. See ya at state!