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PHS Dark Horse: Cole Diamond

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 11/01/2013 - 11:21
By Erika Gee
Photo Credit: Stan Peck

While some people believe that sprinters cannot become distance runners, Cole Diamond has proved this theory wrong. Appearing seemingly out of nowhere, Diamond has become one of the top five runners on the Cross-Country team this year.

Cole started out his sophomore year playing baseball for the high school, and then joined the track team as a sprinter during his junior year.  As a senior, he decided to try Cross-Country which has been very beneficial to the team.

“Without him, the boys probably wouldn’t have taken 2nd in region. He gives it all, tries his best, and has improved a ton,” said Ariane Keele.

Cole had a 5k time of 18:50 at region, and an all-time PR of 18:03.50 which he ran at the Cedar Cross-Country Invitational. Cole’s teammates all agree that he is very valuable to the team.

“He’s pretty dedicated and he’s at practice every day,” said Jordan Bailey.

Cole Diamond is known to work very hard at both practices, and cross-country meets. Because of this, his teammates all look up to him.

“He has the hardest work ethic and contributes during every race. He gives 110%,” says Garret Esplin.

Cole’s favorite thing about Cross-Country is the people he runs with. “They make it worth it.” said Cole. “Even though running is hard, they all have good attitudes.”

Cole says that being around his teammates and coaches has even helped him become a better person.

“It has built confidence in me. When you run you are not just competing against other runners. You are competing against yourself and you push yourself past the limits that you didn’t even know you had and in doing that, you find that you are able to do things that you never thought you could ever do,” said Cole.