PHS Girl's Basketball Gearing Up For a Great Season!

By Rachelle Whatcott


With football season having come to an end its time to ring in the New Year’s bell with LADY LIONS BASKETBALL! Wahoo! With tryouts having ended and nobody cut from the team, the Lady Lions are looking great. There’s always room for improvement though, so the girls have set some personal goals to work on this year. Dribbling is something that Jessica Schmoeyer would like to improve on this year. “I think I need to work more on my dribbling than anything else this year,” said Tess Spencer. As a team they would like to work on winning as many games as they can and getting good at defense. That’s right girls; defense is a big part of the game. Ambree Draper and Tari Whatcott both agreed that their favorite part of basketball is spending time with their teammates. “We all just have so much fun together,” they said. “As a coach, I am looking forward to seeing the progress throughout the year, from each individual girl. The girls are really working hard this year and they want to get better. And to see them working really hard is very rewarding as a coach. I’m excited for the season and suggest that everyone come and support us and watch the lady lions play,” said Coach Tara Hall. Their first game is November 24th up in Lehi. Good luck girls!
The 2009-2010 girls basketball team is as follow, seniors: Janelle Robbins, Mckensie Brown, Ambree Draper, Breynn Rowley, and Lacie Zeeman. Juniors: Heather finch, Erica Quigley, Tari Whatcott, Katelyn Barney, Katie Swenson, Jessica Schmoeyer, Ashley Warnick, Tori Adams,  and Kendra Witworth. Sophomore: Taylor Quist, Tess Spencer, K.d. Apgood, Jessica Verwer, Janae Stubbs, Ashley Rowley, Mary Allphin, Kaylee Cook, Holly Wolf, and Nichelle Williams.
Coaches: Tara Hall (varsity coach), Sandy Wall (J.V.), Jaimie Ribera (Soph.), and Andrew Wright (administrative assistant).