PHS Internship Program Gives Students Job Skills

By Brianne Penrod


                Thirty-five Payson High School students have the awesome opportunity to intern in businesses throughout the community. These students gain experience as they learn more about careers they want to pursue. “The idea of the internship is to experience as much as possible,” said PHS Internship Coordinator, Barbara Arrington. “Students can try different careers to find out what they like before they invest school or training into it.” Not only can students gain experience that helps them in their future careers, they also boost their resume and work experience. The knowledge students gain by doing an internship prepares them for the real world.
                Students participating in internships really enjoy it. “You can get a lot of job insight and experience and you know what it is like before you go to college,” Paige Rowley related. “It’s fun to learn about what I could be doing in the future.” Paige interns at Mountain View Hospital in the Pediatric and OB units. Students are interning at some really neat places. Brandi Anderson interns at South Valley Physical Therapy, Jessica Fritzler volunteers at Spring Lake Elementary School, Meagan Robertson interns at the Payson Family Pet Hospital, and Brad Spencer works at Spencer Drywall, and those are just a few students participating in the internship program.
                Almost anyone can set up an internship with Mrs. Arrington. You have to be either a Junior or a Senior, and you have to be on line to graduate. “Either I can set them up with an internship or they can come with their own,” Arrington said. Students can also get credit for their after school job through a program called work based learning. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about setting up an internship, go and talk to Mrs. Arrington; her office is just behind the counseling center. Consider taking advantage of this opportunity for yourself!