PHS Marching Band: Pride of the Lions

By Ryan Shumway

Corina Michaelis and Travis Wilkinson, both Drum Majors of the marching band! As the Drum Majors, their responsibility is to keep time for the band. They’re the Big cheese in essence, the big Kahuna if you will. The Pride of the Lions Marching band is in a AA class or Two A class. I asked her what the Marching Band for all of us out there that don’t really know what they do; Corina simply put “We’re a concert band that happens to march”  

Our Marching Band might be small but they sure can make some noise!  They practice multiple times a week and it’s not just fun and games. They attended a Band Camp in the first week of August, where they worked on the show and music throughout the day. But it doesn’t get any easier after band camp, now they put their music to the movements. Travis stated that “We’re even ahead of schedule, people have been putting more time into the show this year, more than average”
I know that when the Football team gets to the Games, it feels amazing to be on the field. Corina Stated “When you’re finally on that field performing, doing your best and you know all the hours you’ve put into it were not wasted, that feels amazing.”“ It feels amazing to walk off the field knowing you kicked some butt” says Drum line Section leader Kyle Butler.
 We had a competition last week, Nebo Tournament, and we took third place! It was awesome.