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PHS Penny Wars Earns Over $2000

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 01/21/2011 - 11:11
By Emma Garcia

As a student body we raised $2678 in the annual and very competitive Penny Wars! It was truly a success. Student Council spent two weeks holding jars for students to put their change in. Student Council did a great job in persuading people to donate all their change and dollar bills. “The student body crushed every record, I am so proud,” said Mr. White, Vice Principal. “The student body is responsible for this success, it is amazing how they opened their pockets and gave so much to penny wars,” said Mrs. Brotherson, Student Council Advisor.  

Although seniors lost, as a student body we are making a difference in our community. “Everyone is telling me that the seniors lost for the first time because of me,” said Breelyn Adams, a Junior that donated $500! Many students gave large amounts of money to Penny Wars this year. Sophomore Taysia Roberts donated 1062 pennies! “I would rather have kids in need have a great Christmas instead of me,” said Roberts. Senior Cameron Marsh worked an extra job so that he would be able to donate $120! “I was hoping that the seniors would win but this is all for a good cause and it made me feel good,” said Marsh.

All the money that was collected is going to help 6 families from Payson and was able to take everything off the National Honor Society tree.  “PHS students did an amazing thing by just donating their pennies and nickels,” said Mrs. Brotherson.