PHS Physics Classes Make CO2 Cars

Story by Janessa Reynoso. Photos by Krystal Baker

By Janessa Reynoso

Depending on who you heard from, physics can be a class you either somewhat enjoy, or one you absolutely love.

While taking physics many students really enjoy the CO² cars. However, there is a lot to know before you are about to make CO² cars. Mr.Neilson, the physics teacher, said “students learned about speed & acceleration, Newton’s laws, friction, and resistance.” After students have learned about all those basic principals they were able to build and design their own CO² cars.

How exactly do CO² cars work? Well it’s actually pretty easy. Each car is given a CO² cartridge and once the car has been placed correctly in front of the machine it punches a hole into the cartridge. From there, the machine times the car with a laser to determine its speed. So, if this sounds interesting to you, I would highly recommend singing up for physics.