PHS Sterling Scholars 2012-2013

By Emily Garrett
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Early in February, the outstanding seniors of Payson High's Sterling Scholars were announced.

            These students have put in a lot of hard work and effort to achieve their goals. The Payson High Sterling Scholars of 2012-2013 include: Katelyn Hannifin, Business and Marketing; Justin Wride, Computer Technology; Lexie Ward, Dance; Jacob Humpherys, English; Meerlay Gomez, Family and Comsumer Sciences; Itsareny Garcia, Foreign Language; Heather Sorensen, Mathematics; Becca Brimley, Music; Brandon Peterson, Science; Rachel Rowley, Skilled and Technical Education; Rachelle Wilkenson, Social Science; Austin Perry, Speech/Drama; and Tayler Brown for Visual Arts.

            There is more to being a Sterling Scholar than getting scholarships. 

            “I wanted to be a Sterling Scholar because I knew it would push myself outside of my box and get my science ideas outside to get other people's reaction,” Brandon Peterson said.

            The process of getting the final Utah Sterling Scholars is quite the lengthy process. In a sense, there are a few different ‘rounds.’ The first ‘round’ would be the school Sterling Scholars. Next, are the school semi-finalists.

            The Payson High semi-finalists are: Katelyn Hannifin, Justin Wride, Meerlay Gomez, Becca Brimley, Rachel Rowley, Rachelle Wilkinson and Tayler Brown.

            “When I found out I was a semi-finalist, I was pretty shocked,” Rachelle Wilkinson said.

            The competition is between three areas in the Wasatch Front Region: North, Central, and South. The Regional Semi-Finalists, ‘round’ three, from Payson High were chosen through extensive interviews on February 12.

            Through this process, 2/3 of the region semi-finalists were eliminated from being a state finalist.

            State finalists will be chosen on February 27, one student from each department.

            Applying for a Sterling Scholar is an opportunity that every senior is presented with. You never know if you'll make it all the way to a state finalist and be offered a scholarship that will make your collage life quite a bit easier.