PHS Student Council Finishes Good Year

By KD Apgood

By KD Apgood

The 100th year of Payson has been one to remember. We have started so many new traditions and have continued with new ones. The best part of this year has been working together as a team to help our school come together. We love doing assemblies, lunch time activities, and going to after school events. All of the student council members have become one big family.

 “At times we have wanted to strangle each other, but when it came down to getting things done we put our differences aside and we got it DONE!! I wouldn’t change a thing about my stu co family.  I will definitely miss every single one of them when I’m gone. And hopefully we all will stay in contact because my senior has definitely been the greatest in the whole world……. It’s only as awkward as you make it.” Said Public Relations, Jeff Marvin.

 We all have loved working with all of the teachers and students this year. Seniors remember who you are and good luck out there!