Students Bike 22 miles for Life Activities Class

By Ben Phillips of The Lion's Roar Newspaper
Students in Mrs. Miller's Individualized Life Activities Class

Mrs. Miller’s Individualized Life Activities classes were given the opportunity to ride bikes for 22 miles as a biannual activity on October 12 and 14. Her half-year classes participate on this mechanical journey either in the fall or spring, with preparation prior to the event.

The smooth trail begins in Provo and continues for 11 miles until a point at Lone Peak is reached. The students rest for a while and then proceed to come back the way they came. In previous years, her classes have biked from Provo to Thanksgiving point and taken a front-runner back. Mrs. Miller’s classes have grown to be too large for the front-runner to contain, hence the change in the destination.

Throughout the semester, Mrs. Miller’s classes indulge in many sports that require only one or two people. These activities include golf, tennis, badminton, swimming, bowling, archery, biking, hiking, and any other sport she deems acceptable.

If for any reason a student cannot participate in the biking activity, they can choose to join Mr. Archer’s class in a hike to Mt. Loafer.

Parker Hannifin said this about the bike trip, “It was a pretty long trip, but I got some good exercise, saw some neat scenery, and had a good time overall.” Safety was a key ingredient to the event, with students wearing helmets and heeding to the advice from the supervisors. The proceeding years should be promising, as long as this bike trip is held again.