By The Lion's Roar

This past April, Payson High School has had Student Council Elections. There were 13 Juniors Running for Senior Positions. Those people are Kaden Flippin, Claire Rowley, Jose Valle, Max Bennion, Jessica Baxter, Kenji Hemuli, Evan Brandly, Abby Eaves, Abigail Lisonbee, Kyrra Lundberg, Charity Pieper, Madisyn Rowley, and Bristy Turpin. These are all outstanding students and worked amazingly hard to earn the positions they did. But there are some common misconceptions in the student body about the people that did win and those that didn’t.

Jose Valle our newly elected Student Body Officer said that the most common misconception about people who win and those who don’t was this. “Well I’d say that perhaps it would be that it’s a popularity contest or that it’s about favoritism. Some people believe that some kids don’t make it because they aren’t as popular as those that did. Or that those who make it only make it because the advisor likes them. When the reality this isn’t the case. The advisor isn’t the only one deciding there is more than one person involved in the decision process.” You may be thinking, this is coming from someone who hasn’t lost a student council election yet and probably never will. Coming from someone who HAS lost a student council election I know that this is something that is thought among students. That maybe these students aren’t as liked by the teachers or it’s a popularity contest.

 I can promise it’s not. This is a true opportunity to see who would be great leaders of the student body in making hard choices and planning activities. Being the ones to strengthen school spirit and pride. These are the leaders of  our school and I look forward to a fantastic school year with them. Losing a student council election is hard but it doesn’t have to be devastating. The best thing you can do is congratulate others and find new opportunities to succeed. “When one door closes another one opens.” Alexander Graham Bell. Work hard toward success because there are many places to succeed at PHS. And just remember I am here to be your biggest cheerleader with or without student council.