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Throwback Thursday: Spencer Bennett Crowned Mr. Payson 2019

Submitted by katie.kelly on Thu, 11/07/2019 - 08:20
Lacey Golding
Spencer Bennett, 2019 Mr. Payson
Spencer Bennett performing his Bob Ross talent
Left to right: Ryan Ellsworth (2nd attendant), Spencer Bennett, and Jacob Sorenson (1st attendant)
Former Mr. Payson performing his talent
Donovan Treanor, the winner of the evening wear event
Winner of the talent competition, Thomas Vilburn
Winner of the swimwear competition, Izaak Walton

The week of October 21st was very exciting for the students of Payson High. All week, different votes were going on as eleven boys fought for the title of Mr. Payson. The week started with a vote for the best poster, followed by best cake, and finally best legs. On Thursday, each contestant gave a short speech at the Red Ribbon assembly. Friday, however, was the day everyone was waiting for- The Mr. Payson Pageant. 

The community was in awe with all the talent displayed that night; from a beautiful music number sung by Erin Miller, Miss Santaquin’s 1st attendant, to 2018’s Mr. Payson, Trevan Stevenson, performing an intricate dance. The boys participated in three additional competitions as the night went on. First, there was the swimwear competition, followed by their talents. Finally, the crowd watched the boys parade in, looking handsome as ever, their evening wear. 

At the end of the night, awards were given for the winners of each competition. Spencer Ferguson was announced Mr. Congeniality, Spencer Bennett won both best video and best poster. Ryan Ellsworth had the best cake, Izaak Walton walked away with the best legs and swimwear. Thomas Vilburn won first in talent with his amazing beatboxing and Donovan Treanor had the best evening wear. The second attendant went to Ryan Ellwsorth and first attendant to Jacob Sorenson.

 At last, the crowd held their breath as the king was announced. The crowd stood up cheering as Spencer Bennet was crowned. 

During an interview, Spencer stated that he was “definitely surprised” when he was announced Mr. Payson, saying “I thought it would’ve been Ryan or Jacob, or even Izaak.” When asked what Mr. Payson means to him, Spencer explains how he wanted to beat his brother, Logan. However, Spencer says his brother’s only comment was on the shoes he was wearing during his Bob Ross talent. Spencer’s favorite part of the whole week was hanging out with all the contestants.“Those kids are wild!” He laughed. He also mentioned the many hours he spent watching Bob Ross in order to make his acting perfect. No one can say that didn’t pay off. His advice for future Mr. Paysons’ is to “Have fun- don’t take it too seriously!” With all the school spirit Spencer has, it’s no surprise that he is 2019’s Mr. Payson!