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The Top 3 Students in Payson

Submitted by kate.searle on Wed, 11/29/2017 - 10:23
By: Jerica Smith Lion's Roar Newspaper
Madison Houston Academic All-State
Claire Rowley Academic All-State
Gavin Scholl Academic All-State

Claire Rowley, Gavin Scholl, and Madison Houston were chosen for the Academic All-State this year at Payson High.  The Academic All-State is organized by the UHSAA, Utah High School Academic Association, the students are chosen by the state. In order to receive this award students must maintain a exemplementry GPA, and a high ACT score. Sports is a big commitment and Academic All-State is here to recognize the students who kept their grades up. Utah wants to recognize the athletes who do well on the field, the court, and the classroom.

Students must have at least a 3.75 GPA . This year a lot of Students qualified, so students with a 4.0 have a better chance to make it. The school had 3 amazing students who qualified: Claire Rowley for soccer, Gavin Scholl for football, and Madison Houston for Volleyball.  Mr. Archer said, “It’s a great challenge, these kids should be here at school, for school not for sports.” The students are recognized during the last game of the year and are given a plaque. Claire Rowley’s advice for the juniors is, “Don’t give up on your grades, even if it seems hard.”