The Ugly Sweater Dance is this Saturday

By Karanda Heimuli

Hey boys, do you wish there was a boys’ choice informal dance? Did another guy ask the girl you had your eye on to Homecoming? Do you want a dance that’s still fun but won’t cost a fortune? Do you love to wear ugly sweaters and whip out your 80’s dance moves? Well, we have just the thing for you. This year, Payson High School is putting a new spin on an old tradition. PTSA is sponsoring a brand-new dance: The Ugly Sweater Dance.

In previous years, different clubs at Payson High School have sponsored boys-ask-girls informal dances. Some of these included the winter luau, “el cheapo”, and a few others. However, last year none of the clubs chose to sponsor this dance. This year, the PTSA (the parent teacher student association) brought back the idea to Mr. Ford, who accepted the proposal of the dance.

The dance will be held at Payson High School on Saturday, November 22, 2014. Although this dance is less than a month after Sadie Hawkins and more than a month before Christmas, the 22nd was the only day that none of the sports teams or clubs have previous obligations, which means that everyone should be at the dance! Tickets will be $20, which includes entrance into the dance AND pictures. Tickets can be purchased the week of the dance or at the door. Also, there will be a contest with prizes given for the best/ugliest sweater, so start looking now!


Jacob Hayes, Nathan Heaps, and Matt Webber are ready for some ugly sweaters and beautiful dates!