Veteran’s Day Assembly: Respect veterans by working hard

By Kyrra Lundberg of The Lion's Roar Newspaper

November 11, a day of remembrance. Payson High honored the many veterans in the school and community with a Veteran’s Day Assembly.

The assembly consisted of many student speakers and Mr. Kyle Hill, a teacher at Payson High. The students talked on how we need to honor the veterans who sacrificed so much for so little. They talked about how the country was formed and respecting the sacrifice made for our country.  They also talked about their amazing trips back east where they were able to visit many historical sites.

Mr. Hill talked about the his time overseas and how we need to understand what it is like to be at war. That we need to respect our country by trying our hardest, especially with all the privileges we have. We have so much because of the people who have served our country.  

This assembly was filled with wonderful music and speeches that were filled with tons of respect and honor. If you missed this wonderful assembly make sure you catch it next year! It truly is worth seeing.

Thank you veterans for all that you do. We know that you have made incredible sacrifices to serve our country and we thank you for that.