We are still the Mighty Lions Part 2

By: Briton Wilson and Megan Young of Lion's Roar Newspaper

Every picture featured in the hallways at PHS are packed with years of history. For this month’s issue, our photo remake spotlights Dance Company. While the original photo was taken in the late eighties, the current photo was taken only a couple weeks ago. Change has definitely taken place between these two photos. The old dance company definitely had amazing style, with the big hair and black leotards.  Our dance company now, however, not only has amazing style, but is slaying away every performance they have. As the years have passed on, many things have changed, but change can be a good thing. Change brings many different opportunities for everyone who is willing to take them. As we come together to support every team here at school, our school spirit only grows stronger. As it goes, we are the Mighty Lions.