We're Just FRIENDS!!!

By: Michelle Rushton and Briton Wilson of Lion's Roar

Have you ever found yourself in a situation with a friend where everyone thinks that you are dating or that you should date? We, Briton Wilson and Michelle Rushton, are in this kind of situation. All of our friends want us to date but we are the greatest friends, so it would just be too weird for us to start dating at this point. So we decided to go and find some other people in a similar situation.

Steffani and Micheal Green are brother and sister. They look exactly the same to some people, but to others, they just see a really cute couple that doesn’t exist. Steffani stated, “People just assume that if you hang out that you’re dating.” When asked for her opinion on the matter Steffani said, “It was silly, and a little ridiculous.” We couldn’t agree more!

Kyler Marvin is another victim of this problem. Kyler currently has a girlfriend, Maddi Mittlemen, although a lot of people who know Kyler assume that he is dating Jerica Smith, his cousin. He thinks it’s weird because they are relatives. They hangout and do a lot of stuff together. Maddi Mittlemen, his girlfriend, was in the same position as him. “I honestly think that it is kind of funny,” she said, “because the same thing happened to me when I was a Sophomore.” Maddi’s cousin, Kaden Mittlemen also goes to Payson. They would go to lunch together, and they hung out a lot, so everyone assumed that they were dating even though they have the same last name!

Emily Keller and Erin Miller are the best of friends. They have been friends since the sixth grade, so naturally they are really close and touchy. A lot of people think that they are dating because Emily is always holding Erin’s hands to warm them up. Emily sassily stated “We’re not Lesbians. We’re honestly confused, because we don’t do anything that’s lesbianish.”

In conclusion, there are many people out in this world that are just friends, so DON’T ASSUME THAT JUST BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE DO DIFFERENT THINGS THAN YOU, THAT THEY ARE DATING!!!!