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Whatcha Wearin'?

Submitted by kate.searle on Thu, 01/28/2016 - 10:01
Photo and Article By Sabryne Kelly
Plaid Trends

Remember when your parents make you look back at their high school pictures and all the trending clothes and hair... oh that hair, then they tell you that leg warmers were once cool? What’s cool now? One of the style trends today are Jesus Sandals, as they’ve come to be called, they’re usually worn with long socks and shorts but are they the ‘big hair’ of our era? They’re worn by both girls and boys and are popular for people who play sports.

Pea Coats are another trend, they started out big as being the fancy tv coat that people like Sherlock Holmes wears, however they’re the newest trend! Nerd glasses have made a comeback as well. People now go out of their way to wear these adorable frames. People are even wearing them who don’t need glasses! Another trend is wearing sweatpants to school, these are worn by both girls and boys, sports and non sports students. However is this a sign of trying to be comfortable or laziness?

Another bigger trend is ‘flip hair’ when a boy cuts most of his hair off but keeps the front a little longer, jells it up to a point and flips it to the side. This has rapidly become popular, as well as small man buns. However flip hair, is also letting the hairstyle mullets make a comeback. Now this is the point where your parents say, “Those weren’t good back when I was in high school, they’re not good now...”.

Another trend that’s coming back is big jewelry, big earrings, and necklaces, also lots of bracelets and rings. Scarves are trending now as well, both types the one pieces and the ended one's. Girls love to wear them to keep warm, but mostly they’re for fashion.

Another big trend is button up plaid shirts, most girls are wearing them wrapped around their waists, however, the trend is also coming back for boys they’re starting to wear plaid as well, just not around their waist. It has been more and more popular among both genders lately.


The last two trends are big watches and Ugg boots. Big watches are worn by both girls and boys and they go along with the big jewelry that’s trending right now. Ugg boots are comfortable and soft and they are very popular among girls in the winter, however, some even wear them in the summer! So whatcha wearin’ these days? Is it your own style or is it trending?