WIndows on the Workplace: Massage Therapist Julie Cardenas

By Jakob Johnson

Windows in the workplace is a good opportunity to learn about different careers.   This months speaker was Julie Cardenas, a massage therapist. Massage therapy is a great career to have; you get to help people, you can choose your own hours, and you get to travel a lot.  Massage therapy is a career that is only growing as new techniques are invented and more research is done.  This career is very medically oriented; it focuses on muscles and how to treat different injuries or illnesses of muscles.  You can get your license from any of many colleges.  During the class you focus on learning techniques and the anatomy of muscles.  Almost every day in the class you are either getting a massage or giving a massage.  “It was interesting, and made me want a massage,” said Tyler Watson.  While you can make good money not everyone does it for the money. Some people are in the field of massage therapy to help people; in their minds it is a way to give back to the community.