Teen Night at Payson Library


Teens are invited to attend a special night at Payson City Library on Friday, May 19 at 6 pm.  The main event for the night includes a Guardian of the Galaxy Escape Room Game.  There will also be ping pong and snacks.  Take your friends or go make some new friends.  

Our Educational Journey

By Ben Phillips of the Lions Roar Newspaper

This school year has nearly come to an abrupt end. We have all grown up together, and we have all had many memorable experiences that have shaped us into who we are today.

Some particular students have decided to share some memories of their educational journey. Everyone has had a different escapade at least once during their school career.


By Madisyn Rowley

This past April, Payson High School has had Student Council Elections. There were 13 Juniors Running for Senior Positions. Those people are Kaden Flippin, Claire Rowley, Jose Valle, Max Bennion, Jessica Baxter, Kenji Hemuli, Evan Brandly, Abby Eaves, Abigail Lisonbee, Kyrra Lundberg, Charity Pieper, Madisyn Rowley, and Bristy Turpin. These are all outstanding students and worked amazingly hard to earn the positions they did. But there are some common misconceptions in the student body about the people that did win and those that didn’t.


By Kyle Lott of the Lion's Roar Newspaper


Prom is this weekend! Prom is this Saturday May, 9th 7-10 Pm it is going to be held at the UVU patio. If you are a senior or you are going to prom with a senior you have the opportunity to participate in Promenade. Parents, if your son or daughter is a part of the prom royalty you are encouraged to come to the the royalty dance that will be held at 8:45 Pm come and dance with your children. This years prom theme is “City of Stars.” Whether this is your first or last prom you are going to, remember to have fun and be safe.

Spring time and Sage time

By: Megan Young

It’s that time of the year once again, where the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the snow has melted away. Students are itching for the year to come to a close, but one small, minor problem still stands in our way. Sage testing. I decided to get some further intel on the students’ opinions here at PHS.

Leaving a Legacy

By: Emily Miller

As many of us are aware, this is the last year, at Payson High, for many of our most beloved teachers. Among these, are some of this state’s finest educators, and some of our finest mentors. Of course, their leaving upsets us greatly, but we are more than grateful for the opportunity we had to be their students.

Clint Peery wins Teacher of the Year


Congratulations to Clint Peery named one of Nebo School District's Teachers of the Year.  "Clint is a dynamic teacher that relates to students at a very personal level. His sports production classes streamed over 60 PHS events. He created an online magazine and outdoor video production class that is wildly popular. Clint is very willing to help out any program that needs assistance. He works with the at-risk student population on a regular basis and has a natural rapport with these students.

School Newspaper Book Column

By Sabryne Kelly of the Lion's Roar Newspaper

Demons are the spawns of Lucifer, who come up from Hell, common knowledge right? In this thrilling five book series readers are taken to the city of Atlanta where 17 year old Riley Blackthorne lives among these Hellspawn. Trapping demons isn’t the most ideal job a girl could have but it’s the one Riley’s good at. Following in her father's footsteps Riley is slowly trying to become more then Paul Blackthorne’s little girl.

The Mane Street Journal April 2017

By Payson High Magazine Staff

April is always a month to look forward to, but with this new issue coming out you have one more reason! As you all know Spring has sprung, so we have given you many sports issues to cure that spring fever as well as some great articles on Student Council elections and Miss Payson. We have the inside scoops on clubs and a rocking opinion piece on trash in our school's parking lot! Check out all of our new and fun content that the staff has worked so incredibly hard to produce! See you next month Payson! - Kyrra Lundberg, Chief Editor