Travel the world with Travel Scholarships and Programs

Kylee Wharton of The Lion's Roar Newspaper

Did you know that there are hundreds of travel scholarships and programs offered to high school students? These programs give students the chance to travel all over the world -- without breaking the bank. We did some research and compiled a list of a couple of the best travel programs for high school students and a couple of travel scholarships to help offset the  costs.


Bowling Club and Badminton

Parker Hannifin of The Lion's Roar Newspaper

Do you like badminton or bowling? Do you want to be involved in some awesome lunch time and after school activities? If you do, Mrs. Miller is running some wonderful activities coming this January and February.

12 days AFTER Christmas contest


The Lion's Roar Newspaper is spreading cheer AFTER Christmas this year by hosting a hashtag social media contest called the 12 Days AFTER Christmas.  For 12 school days after Christmas Break a challenge will be announced and one lucky PHS student who has used the hashtag #paysonhigh2017 that day will awarded a fabulous prize.  Twelve days, 12 prizes, 12 winners.

How to win:

Tag the challenge using #paysonhigh2017

Where to tag:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat

Don't forget to:

Late Start announced for Nebo School District


From Nebo School District: As of 7:00am, due to the recent storm, all schools will be operating on a two-hour delayed start today. This means that if your school normally starts at 8:00 a.m., it will be starting at 10 a.m. Morning-only programs, such as AM Kindergarten classes, have been cancelled. Afternoon-only programs, such as PM Kindergarten will proceed as usual. For up-to-the-minute information, please feel free to call our hotline at 801-354-7498, or go to our webpage at Thank you.

Aspire maintenance scheduled for Christmas Break


During the upcoming holiday vacation they will be working on the Aspire database server.  We have some needed maintenance that have been put off to minimize down time during school hours.  During the Christmas break please do not to expect Aspire to be available.  

Thank you for understanding and we hope you have a great Christmas Break.

Girls Golf getting ready to play


Any girl interested in playing golf this spring need to go to Coach Miller's office and get an information sheet before Christmas vacation.

Being part of a team is a unique experience.  You can build relationships, skills, and friendships that can last forever.  Golf is a great sport where you get to be outside, travel, and learn a beloved sport played around the world.

If you are looking for a way to make next semester awesome, swing into Coach's Miller office today.

Life Hacks

Kyle Lott, The Lion's Roar Newspaper


Here are three life hacks to make your life better:

  1. Something we have all most likely encountered while doing homework unsupervised is getting off track. Thankfully someone came up with a way to help us get around that. is a unique website that you can use to help keep you away from certain websites while studying or doing other important things.

Chromebooks are top highlight from 2016

Julissa Duenas, The Lion's Roar Newspaper

The year of 2016 is the year that all students attending Payson High School have the opportunity to have a Chromebook to take home. "This is such an awesome opportunity for our students," Mrs. Searle says. She continues, "Students can explore and learn like never before. For many students this opens doors that have been shut in the past. I will be telling my students' grandkids about this one day."

Tree Festival earns $1200 for Sub For Santa

Kylee Wharton

The annual PTSA Tree Festival was on November 29 during the boys basketball game.

Carma Heimuli, PTA President, said, “This was an amazing year and we will be giving over $1200 back to the student council for Sub for Santa! Thank you again, every single tree was unique, well planned and beautiful!  Can't wait to see what you all come up with for next year!”

Come Follow that Star

Ben Phillips, The Lion's Roar Newspaper

The choir at Payson High has been practicing Christmas songs for a while to prepare for their annual Christmas concert. Year after year, the participants put on a show for all to hear. This year will be like no other, with new voices and experienced singers unified to enhance the experience.

Carolers have been an ongoing tradition for years, choir is basically a cooler version of caroling. Instead of standing out in the cold awkwardly smiling at singing visitors, you get to come to our warm school to do so!