Sterling Scholar Spotlight

Article by Sabryne Kelly

Here at Payson High School we’re proud of our Sterling Scholars, and many have been highlighted. Micah Toelupe, the winner of the Visual Art Sterling Scholar, needs his time to shine! Not saying we saved the best for last but...

Black Panther Movie Review

By; Ryan lines of the Lions Roar Newspaper

After watching a movie, I try to find a word that sums up the story and my overall experience while watching. After watching Black Panther, the only word I can actually think of is, “Wow!”

Orchestra Solo and Ensemble

Lions Roar Newspaper

Orchestra School Level Solo and Ensemble

Thursday February eighth was a big day for our PHS Chamber Orchestra and a few select students from the Concert Strings group. These musicians were asked to play a solo, or with a small group try and qualify for Region Solo and Ensemble.  The people who qualified for Region Solo and Ensemble are as follows;

The Chamber Orchestra: Small Ensemble

April Nettleton, Ruby Buhler, Payden Kunz, Travis Pitcher, and Adriene Wilde: 5 Instrument Quintet

We are still the Mighty Lions Part 2

By: Briton Wilson and Megan Young of Lion's Roar Newspaper

Every picture featured in the hallways at PHS are packed with years of history. For this month’s issue, our photo remake spotlights Dance Company. While the original photo was taken in the late eighties, the current photo was taken only a couple weeks ago. Change has definitely taken place between these two photos. The old dance company definitely had amazing style, with the big hair and black leotards.  Our dance company now, however, not only has amazing style, but is slaying away every performance they have.

Showcasing Dance Company's Talents

By: Alfonso De La Torre of The Lion's Roar Newspaper

Wednesday February 7th was an awestruck night of pure, fluently released expression.  All five of Nebo School District’s high schools united in Payson High School’s auditorium for the Eighth Annual Dance Company Concert [Showcase]. There was fifteen dances performed that night, three of those were by Payson High’s Dance Company.


Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics

By: Ryan Lines of the Lions Roar Newspaper

There’s one word that can sum up how the world feels about this years session at the winter olympics. Wow! World renowned athletes have stated that this year is one of the most successful and world changing events in world history. But, to truly understand the full wonder and amazement, you need to know the background of what has happened the last couple of years at the olympics.


Blind Date with a Book

The Lions Roar Newspaper

This year for Valentine’s Day, otherwise known as Single Awareness Day, our librarian Mrs. Redman decided to set up people on Blind Dates with books. Valentine’s Day’s an exciting day for those who have a date or a valentine, but for people who don’t have any plans, cuddling up with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book can be the best way to spend the day. The excitement from the student body that participated in this was very contagious. A student said, “ I was so excited when I walked in the library and saw that it was the blind dates with books.

We're Just FRIENDS!!!

By: Michelle Rushton and Briton Wilson of Lion's Roar

Have you ever found yourself in a situation with a friend where everyone thinks that you are dating or that you should date? We, Briton Wilson and Michelle Rushton, are in this kind of situation. All of our friends want us to date but we are the greatest friends, so it would just be too weird for us to start dating at this point. So we decided to go and find some other people in a similar situation.