Lion's Roar Newspaper Staff Excited to Bring You News!

The Payson High School journalism students are excited to bring you student news for the 2010 – 2011 school year.  “We probably have the most natural talent I’ve ever seen since I’ve been over the Payson High newspaper staff. We have some great new writers, editors, and photographers, and we are of course, supported by a few stellar veteran staff members. I’m really excited,” said Ms. Baker. Veteran Lion’s Roar staff members include Jennifer Dees, Brianne Hiatt, Mercedes John, and Audrey Miller.

PHS Secretary Connie Mattinson Wins Horace Mann Award

By Audrey Miller

This year, Payson High’s Horris Man Award recipient is none other than the wonderful office secretary, Connie Mattenson. To receive the award, faculty around the school voted for who was the year’s best employee, and PHS strongly felt that Mattenson was the best fit, “She’s always happy, and I’m so excited that I got to work with her. She’s always multi-tasking, laughing, and thinking of others,” said fellow office secretary, Janeen Dean. According to assistant principal Ben Ford there’s “nothing better.”  Mattenson loves her job at PHS and the people she is surrounded by.

PHS Valedictorian Anna Brimley

By Mercedees John

Anna Brimley is Payson High School’s 2010 Valedictorian. Daughter of Linda and Ken Brimley, Anna lives in Payson with her three brothers and one sister. Anna is extremely motivated and has made many grand accomplishments. Her biggest accomplishment of them all would be finishing her associate’s degree from UVU at school, while participating in Concert and Chamber choirs, being part of the State winning drum line, and being an AP Musical Sterling Scholar. Brimley is an extremely hard worker and that has definitely paid off. Anna has received a band scholarship, the New Century Scholarship, a

Payson High Salutatorian: Belen Moyano

By: Ryan Shumway and Audrey Miller

Payson High’s 2010 salutatorian is Belen Moyano. Daughter of Gloria and Jose Moyano, she received the H.O.B.Y. Scholarship (Hugh O’ Brian Youth Scholarship) after competing against 50 of Utah’s top students. As a junior in high school, she took three Advanced Placement classes while participating in two high school choirs, acting, and performing with Payson High’s Dance Company. Moyano has been in over 15 play productions, of which only two of them were dramas and not musicals.

PHS Drama Performs Peter Pan for Local Elementary School Kids

By Ryan Shumway

"Second star to the right, and straight on `til morning" Is the way to the Neverland! The children’s play Peter Pan was just Astounding. Written for elementary school kids and performed May 4th through the 6th, it was just smashing! Kids from all around came to watch the epic story unfold on the Payson High stage. “My favorite part was yelling at all the little kids” said Alex Jensen.

Ambri Corlett Wins Car from Ken Garff Keys to Success Program

By Sarah Rose Webber

The Ken Garff Keys to success assembly was a bonanza of free stuff. The Luckiest-Girl-At-Payson-High was Ambri Corlett, who won a free Chevy Malibu. “It is a really sweet car, I can’t believe I won it” said Corlett. Her Boyfriend’s (Nathan Cunningham’s) face filled with love, amazement, and joy as he said, “I can’t believe I am with such a beautiful girl with such a beautiful car!” Rumor has it that later that day the couple took a romantic drive to Santaquin reservoir to watch the fish jump…

PHS Drumline First in State

By Ryan Shumway

With most of the members on the Drumline graduating the future classmen are going to have to step it up with they want to keep up the tradition that seniors have set in stone. The 2009-2010 season for Kyle Butler, Anna Brimley, Ryan Shumway, Landon Hale, Amanda Echols, Carole Abraham, Dallen Mendenhall and Melanie Madsen was their last but it was still a blast! Some of the most memorable moments for these seniors “Our final show in St. George in the fall season, coming off the field knowing that you had done amazing” said Anna.

PHS Dance Company Holds 2010 Workshop

By Rachelle Whatcott

Last week was the Dance Company workshop, and if you were looking to try out for Dance Company, improve your dance techniques, or just looking to have a good time then the Dance Company workshop would have been great for you. We had a pretty good turn out this year including the new Dance Company teacher who came to this event. We started off by warming up with Holly Petty the recent dance teacher. Following that we had our Dance Company president Carolle Abraham teach us more about the way our body could move, through vibratory moves, percussive, swing and a few other movements.