PHS Wrestling Takes Region

By Sam Critchfield and Brianne Hiatt

This year PHS wrestling has had an amazing season! The Lions have brought a lot of experience and depth to the mat; with the 4 returning state champions they are working to repeat as 4A state champions. While wrestling in one of the toughest regions in 4A Payson will continue to dominate in region 8.

PHS Drama Attends Utah Theatre Association Conference

By Candace Burningham

         January 21st-23rd were some very exciting days for the drama students of Payson High School. Utah Theatre Association Conference (held at UVU in Orem) requested a performance of their contemporary play, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [Abridged]. On Saturday the 23rd of January at 11:15, this rambunctious group of students preformed in front of conference attendees. “I thought UTA was fun, the best part was when Mitch had ‘break down’ and it took six of us to get him off the stage,” said Teal Delli Gatti.

Being a Part of The Lion's Den

By Zac Quist

            The lights are slowly turning on, the floors are clean and waxed, the bleachers are being pulled, and the students are arriving. The Lion’s Den has been opened. 
            Whether it’s a volleyball game, wrestling match, or basketball game, the Lions are there to support the team. All of the members of the Lion’s Den are PHS’s finest. They are an elite group of students who are there every game to support. The game could be predicted as a complete loss for the Lions, but the members of the Lion’s Den are still there. Regardless of the game outcome, they are there!

PHS Competes in Region Drill

By Jennifer Dees

          On January 21, Payson High’s Paysetters were put to the test in region. They competed against five other schools, including Maple Mountain, Uinta, Spanish Fork, Salem, and Springville, to be in the top four. They awed the crowd as they strived to make it to state. Unfortunately, they were unable to make it, and Maple Mountain took first place. “It was really fun; we did our best. We didn’t place, but it was still a good experience,” said Makayla Mecham.

PHS Drumline Performs Show: Masque

By Ryan Shumway

For the 2010 Winter Drumline season our own Payson Drumline will be performing their show, Masque. The Choreography is written by Jared Conder, the drum instructor. Spending more than 1,500 hours in rehearsal, BEFORE the season has started the Drumline has been putting the music to their show and is ready to take state.

PHS HOSA Club Disects Cow Hearts

By Brianne Penrod

           Recently, the HOSA club got down and dirty with real cow hearts. With scalpels in hand, HOSA members sliced up the two fresh (and still slightly warm) hearts and explored each valve, ventricle, artery, and vein. Members learned about the anatomy of the heart and the path of blood flow in a hands-on experience; they built upon the knowledge they have previously gained in the classroom.

Spirit Bowl 2010

By Rachelle Whatcott

The Spirit bowl is not a dish containing salad, soup, or extraterrestrial spirits. It is a room filled with Passion, Energy, Love, Hate, and Camaraderie. It was an unforgettable time watching students like Hershel Clinger and Brady Terry cover their faces with peanut butter, Sam Kid, Marin Geissing, Louie Kaufsi, Gary Gaskell, and Nathan Womack downing shakes that resembled puke, passing life savers with toothpicks, and Mr. Blake’s very disturbing dance moves. The stakes were high, and emotions elevated.   I even got booed out of the gym by my own seniors for accidently helping a junior (we

PHS Student Reports on Payson's Black Friday

By Zac Quist

              A slight push from behind, a collision of shopping carts, a weeping woman in the corner, and suddenly, chaos erupts. The aisles of Wal-Mart are jam packed with bargain shoppers of craziness. There is no courtesy. There is no love. It’s the day after Thanksgiving: the first official day of holiday shopping. It’s Black Friday, and this year, I wanted to experience it firsthand.