Debate at PHS

Brooke Barnett

The debate team represented Payson High School well this year during the state competitions. The debate state competition was held March 11, and 12 at Alta High School. Two of the PF teams progressed to win a couple of rounds, and two original oratories progressed to semi finals. Several other debaters also did very well. When asked about state, Addy Elliott, a member of the PHS debate team said, “It was a super fun experience, and I’m grateful for the learning opportunity.” Great job to everyone who participated in state for debate!

Look Around: 360 Degree Videos

Ben Phillips

Three hundred sixty degree videos are now a thing as of 2015. Hundreds of videos have been made, and placed on YouTube for your enjoyment and discovery. These are internet videos that can be viewed from every angle, with a simple click and drag. They can be used to make videos feel more realistic, and overall enhance your viewing experience. These videos are easy to use and are truly mind-boggling.You can make your experience more immersive by using the Oculus Rift as well. The Oculus Rift is a visual reality system, used to enhance the viewing range and dynamics of the user.

ASL students ready to compete

By: Madeleine White

For months, ASL students have been preparing for this day. What is this day? The day of the ASL Competition. The ASL competition will be held on Saturday, April 16th. Payson High Students will travel to Salt Lake to compete. Students have prepared themselves and entered themselves into one or more of the following events: storytelling, ABC stories, number stories, handshape stories, receptive, and culture/history.  Without a doubt, Payson’s ASL program is an amazing program, and PHS hopes they bring home some awards.

Students wanting more opportunities to dance

Picture and Article By: Sabryne Kelly

Social Dance is taught by Mrs. McClellan at Payson High and the class has rocketed in popularity. Students are often showing great love for not only the class but the teacher as well. They recently performed during parent teacher conference, the Paris Coleman Benefit Talent Show, and the PHS Dance Department Showcase but students are thirsty for more.

Calling all PHS High School Alumni


Let’s see which graduating class can raise the most money to help the class of 2016 pay for and install the new bronze lion statue in front of the school! Makay Hooley, who is a PHS class of 2016 student, is the talented artist who sculpted the statue and all that is left is to bronze the artwork. The class that donates the most is the winner and will be declared the BEST for 2016.

How To Find A Job

By Cynthia Gonzalez

Summer is coming up and school is out! Gonna have a lot of free time on hand? Getting a job is a great way to pass the time, plus you get some cash while you’re at it. Everyone is hiring and applications are coming in fast. But how and where do you actually get one? What do you need to do and how do you need to prepare? Just follow these simple steps!

Do you really want a job?

Star Wars the Force Awakens Movie Review

By: Ryan Craig

The long awaited sequel to a great franchise. The build up for this movie was tremendous. Everyone, not just Star Wars fans, but everyone was talking about the new Star Wars mov The first trailer to the new movie came out October 19, 2015, a whole 3 months before the actual movie came out.  According to, “the hype really started after Disney bought the rights to Lucas Films in October 2012.” There was a lot of suspense and waiting for this movie, but was it built up so much that people were disappointed about the movie?

Goodbye Computer Technology

Haley Dixon

A long awaited decision was recently made by the Utah School Board of Education (USOE). Utah students are currently required to complete a computer technology course sometime between 9th and 12th grade. After review, the school board voted that charter and public schools should move this course to 8th grade. High schoolers (grades 9-12) will still be required to complete half a credit of a computer course before graduation.

21 days until the Payson Pride Banquet

By: Ben Phillips of the Lion's Roar Newspaper

On April 15, 2016 Payson High will be hosting the Payson Pride Banquet at Payson Jr. High cafeteria for all to enjoy. This event will begin at 5:30 p.m. with a turkey dinner, dessert provided by Eli’s Ice Cream and Deli, entertainment by various clubs and volunteers, and a silent auction beginning at 6:00 p.m. The auction will include golf packages, prom packages, massages, shooting lessons, and many more.