Students Bike 22 miles for Life Activities Class

By Ben Phillips of The Lion's Roar Newspaper

Mrs. Miller’s Individualized Life Activities classes were given the opportunity to ride bikes for 22 miles as a biannual activity on October 12 and 14. Her half-year classes participate on this mechanical journey either in the fall or spring, with preparation prior to the event.

October Online Magazine: 100% student made

The Mane Street Journal

With a new school year starting at PHS, new is the theme for the first edition of The Mane Street Journal. We have features on the new english teachers, new orchestra director, a look into how things are going for the new football coach, as well as an introduction to the new magazine staff. With everything in the magazine being 100% student created and directed, it has been a new experience for everyone involved. Take a look at ​

New app connects students in crisis to counselors through text

By: Kylee Wharton of the Lion's Roar Newspaper


The SafeUT app is a statewide Crisis and Text Tip Line Service that allows students to connect with real-time licensed clinicians to report any kind of crisis, from lose animals, to abuse, to depression and suicidal thoughts -- on a free app. SafeUT has tons of unique and easy to use features.

Waived fees and waffles to highlight Payson High’s College Day

By: Cynthia Gonzalez of the Lion's Roar Newspaper

College Day is Wednesday, October 5 from 3:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. A total of 32 colleges, universities, trade and technical schools from all over Utah are coming to Payson High to help students apply to their institutions.

Some of the application fees are WAIVED only for that night. F.A.F.S.A. (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) will also be there to help you sign up for their program. Be sure to take advantage of all of these opportunities!

This week at a glance: Chemistry Magic Show, picture retakes, Sterling Scholar applications due, and more

Image by Mo C.

 Calendar Items

Sept 26

 National Honor Society banquet

 Sept 27

Soccer Wasatch @ Payson

Tennis Maple Mountain @ Payson

Volleyball Maple Mountain @ Payson

 Sept 28

Cross Country @ Skyline

 Sept 29

Picture retakes

JV football @ Salem Hills

Soph football @ Salem Hills

Soccer @ Spanish Fork

Volleyball @ Springville

 Sept 29

Chemistry magic show

PHS student wins runner up in New York Times contest

By: Cynthia Gonzalez and Paige Davis of The Lion's Roar Newspaper

Dari DeMille, a senior at PHS, won runner up in the New York Times 2016 Summer Reading Contest Week 10. Ms. Griffin had asked all her AP Language students to submit an entry into the contest. She wanted her students “to write for an authentic audience on a topic they find interesting.” 

Sept 19-24 at a glance


Hope Week September 19-23

Monday-College Tours & Pre-Act Test
Tuesday-Sharing Hands Message Board (near lunchroom)
Wednesday-Hope Assembly:Speaker, Brad Wilcox
Musical Chairs (lunch activity)
Thursday-School Hope Chain
Friday-Hope Balloon Launch (lunch activity)

Other Calendar Items

Sept 20

Tennis Wasatch @ Payson

Soccer @ Springville

Volleyball @ Wasatch


Sept 13-17 at a Glance


Sept 13

 Tennis Uintah @ Payson

 Cross country @ Payson

Volleyball @ Salem Hills


Sept 15

Tennis @ Springville

JV/Soph football Wasatch @ Payson

Soccer @ Maple Mountain


Sept 16

Cross country @ Spanish Fork

Tennis @ Juab

Football @ Wasatch


Sept 16-17

Sophomore volleyball @ West


Sept 17

Welcome Back!

By: Kate Searle

The 2016-2017 school year is in full swing with club rush, school lunch, Homecoming Week, soccer matches, try-outs for the school musical, and Chromebooks for every student.  

Be sure to check the school website daily for announcements and highlights.  You can also find the bell schedule, who your counselor is, and upcoming events by clicking on the primary links on the left of the screen.

This year is sure to be a good one.  Welcome to the Pride.