Payson High School Newspaper Staff 2009 - 2010

By Mercedes John
(back row) Sam Critchfield, Ryan Shumway, Brianne Penrod, Justin Craig, Kari Haskell, Amanda Sonderegger, Mercedes John, Ms. Baker (2nd row) Audrey Miller, Brianne Hiatt, Rahcelle Whatcott, Jennifer Dees (front row) Zac Quist, Sarah Weber, Candace Burning

Payson High School's newspaper is back for the 2009-2010 school year. This year you can expect to see many, fun, amazing articles. "I am really excited about this year's Newspaper Staff. We have a lot of natural talent as well as diversity of interest," said Ms. Krystal Baker the newspaper adviser. As a staff we will be covering school, as well as local events. We even have the unique opportunity to have select articles appear in our local newspapers. "Newspaper is my favorite class because I get to meet a lot of new people, the atmosphere is amazing, and Ms. Baker is the best!" said Audrey Miller.

This year's sophomores are Mercedes John and Audrey Miller. The juniors are Justin Craig, Jennifer Dees, and Brianne Hiatt. Now finally the seniors, Candace Burningham, Sam Critchfield, Kari Haskell, Brianne Hiatt, Brianne Penrod, Zac Quist, Ryan Shumway, Amanda Sonderegger, Sarah Webber, and Rachelle Whatcott.