Our High School Years

Article by Millie Durfee. Photo by The Score

 Graduation, whether you are excited for it or dreading it, it’s been on our minds since kindergarten. We have worked for thirteen years to get to this point. Everyone has gone through life experiences as small as making the first boxed mac and cheese dinners of many, all the way up to learning how to do complex trigonometry and how to make a somewhat correct works cited page. If you think about it, we’ve come so far. Who would have thought that one sheet of paper would affect our lives so much.

We’re all going out in the real world after graduation to become the people we choose to be, but when we look back to old memories of ourselves and think about all the things we had in high school, it has been an unforgettable adventure. From seeing each other grow up together, to seeing each other earn crazy awards, to developing skills many people wouldn’t think to learn or have the courage to do, I hope we all look back to 2018, and I hope we think of the days where we were all laughing, cheering on our teams, dancing at prom, and going on field trips we never asked for but will someday be envious of.

Class of 2018 be proud of yourself, because we have finally gotten past all of the troubles of high school, and were moving onto the next step in our lives. We have been molded by hard working, selfless, wonderful people, for many years and now it’s our time to act alone. We have to make our own decisions and use the tools and advice to become successful wonderful people. Congratulations seniors. Were all so proud of you and never forget that you're always a part of the Lion Pride!