Chemistry Magic Show bursts into flames

By: Wyatt Sorensen of The Lion's Roar News
2019 Chemistry Magic Show

Nov. 8, 2019 the scientists of chemistry at Payson High School (PHS) showed their magic. With their mind-blowing experiments, the audience was able to experience the outstanding chemical reactions of these fine chemists. At 6:45 p.m. moms and dads, children and friends flowed into the auditorium and filled in the front section, so they could get the full effect of the experiments.

The students of Ms. Garffs’ class come out to introduce themselves before they start their show. Then the lights turned off and the first couple of students came out and did their first chemical reaction, with their spiral tubing they pour a liquid into it and it quickly turned into a blue color and lights up the stage. Student after student, wowed the audience with unordinary reactions.

From CO2 bubbles to flaming bursts, these young chemists are almost done with their show when they do their last experiment.  On a table, there are multiple cups filled halfway with water and they pour chemicals in them so that they will change in color. Here’s the trick, they change color to a song beat! It begins, the lights are dimmed and the music starts. One after another, the cups filled with water, change color along with the song. With a round of applause from the audience, these young chemists finish their show with astonishing experiments.

Ms. Garff said, “I think it went really well, my students did a good job, I think they explained everything really clearly, and all of the demonstrations worked. Sometimes with chemistry demonstrations, there are just things you can’t predict and things that don’t work but everything went according to plan.”