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Festival of Trees: A field trip to get students Into the holiday spirit

Submitted by kate.searle on Tue, 12/18/2018 - 12:12
By Alfonso De La Torre of The Lion's Roar Newspaper
Students attend the Festival of Trees

Students from Payson High—members of FCCLA, UCBT and Culinary Arts—went to the Festival of Trees on Nov. 30.

The Festival of Trees is an event done in late November or early December every year in Sandy, UT. The Festival of Trees has been presented to the communities for over 40 years. During the festival, Christmas trees—decorated by individuals, companies, and schools—are presented and auctioned off. Treats and memorabilia are also sold. The money that is raised from the festival goes to Primary Children’s Medical Center something that 10Best (a travel guide company) said that this was, “a wonderful way to help these children suffering from severe illnesses.”

All traveling students got to enjoy the Festival of Trees together and felt the holiday spirit with wonder at the benefit that the festival has. FCCLA and UCBT students shared in the benefit of observing the community service and togetherness that the event brings. Gage Cooper, a member of FCCLA said, “I really enjoyed the Festival of Trees, looking at the gingerbread houses, trees, and other art. The cause for which the festival is done is really important. I especially enjoyed spending time with my classmates and our lunch at Pizza Pie Cafe.” Art and Culinary students got to observe what they are learning in the classroom. Some examples of what these students recognized like art principles. Pamela Mireles, a Drawing, Painting, and Ceramics student, commented while on the bus, “My favorite part of the festival was seeing all the trees, and decorations. The effort people put into them was amazing.”

Members of FCCLA, UCBT, Art, and Culinary are eligible to go on this trip once-a-year during the holiday season. So, juniors and sophomores still have a chance to go or go again.