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One in a Million

Submitted by katie.kelly on Wed, 01/16/2019 - 14:04
Rebecca Apgood
Jessi Hoschouer

Jessi Hoschouer is an amazing person in many different ways, she doesn’t let anything stop her from enjoying life, including her battle with Alopecia. For those of you who don’t know what Alopecia is, it’s the partial or complete absence of hair on the body where it normally grows. Only 1.9% of the worldwide population have or will develop Alopecia at some point in their lives. Jessi learned that she had Alopecia when she was five years old. Then, she didn’t fully understand what it was and now that she does, it’s not something to put a bump in the road. She doesn’t want to hide who she is, she wants to embrace it and she does that in many different ways. “I embrace my condition, by not trying to hide it and by being open about it with anyone who asks. Having Alopecia has really shaped me into the person I have become, it has taught me how to be a more outgoing person. I have also learned a lot of people skills from it, just knowing that it is okay to be different, I love trying to help little kids understand that it is perfectly okay to be different”

 Jessi is on Seminary Council, the President of DECA club, she’s the student editor for the high school’s online magazine, and the Main Street Journal. She is also the Sterling Scholar for Business and Marketing and runs her own business, a snow cone shack in Santaquin. Everyone should look up to Jessi because she’s always willing to do anything that is put in front of her, no matter how complicated. She's definitely one in a million.