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It's Mr. Payson Week!

Submitted by katie.kelly on Thu, 10/24/2019 - 11:04
Jade Haymore, Pictures from Jamilah McMurdie
Our 2019-2020 Mr. Payson contestants wearing red in support of Red Ribbon Week
Mr. Payson contestants practicing for the big night
Cake contest
Cake contest
Best legs competition
Best legs competition

This week, students are competing in the Mr. Payson Pageant, hosted by the Drama department. The week started with many little competitions with the contestants remaining anonymous. These were held during lunch and judged by the student body via a link in their email. Friday night will be the final competition that will have judges watching. 

The poster competition was held on Monday, October 21. Each competitor made a poster following the idea of “What Makes [them] Mr. Payson.” The competition on Tuesday, October 22 was a cake contest. Each boy made a cake that looked both delicious and entertaining. This competition was also judged by the student body without the knowledge of who made which cake.

On Wednesday, October 23, the third - and probably favorite - competition was held in the auditorium during lunch. This was the “Best Legs Competition.” Each boy stood behind a curtain, with only their legs showing. Students looked at each boy’s legs and voted for who had the best (or funniest) way of displaying their legs. This is a silly but fun part of the Mr. Payson competition.

On Thursday, the contestants gave a speech at the Red Ribbon Assembly encouraging students to stay drug free. 

 Finally, on Friday, October 25, the final portion of the Mr. Payson pageant will be held at Payson High School at 7:30 PM. During this time, the boys competing will come on stage for three different portions: the Talent Contest, Swimsuit Contest, and Evening Wear Contest. At the end, the votes throughout the week, plus the judges’ final scores for the onstage competition will be tallied to find out who the 2019 winner is. Tickets are available for $6 on Friday night to watch the pageant finale and find out who will be the next Mr. Payson!