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Payson Students Participate in Nebo High School Youth Board

Submitted by katie.kelly on Tue, 10/29/2019 - 09:34
Lana Hiskey

The Nebo High School Youth Board, a group of students made up of high school students from each school within the district, met with the Nebo School Board of Education and Superintendent Rick Nielsen this past month. Each Youth Board representative is selected by his/her principal to be a spokesperson for their school each quarter.

Students were given time to introduce themselves and ask any questions they desired to the School Board of Education as well as Superintendent Nielsen. 

Students were also asked multiple questions by the Board throughout the hour such as, “What do you enjoy at school?”, “What is the culture like at your school?”, and “What could be improved at your school?” 

Students shared thoughts and ideas discussing lunch periods, Latinos in Action, mental health, and academics. Another topic of discussion included the benefits and challenges of students receiving their own Chromebooks. Students advocated for changes that they thought would enhance their education.

Another outcome of this Nebo Youth Board collaboration included the participation with each other to gain ideas and insights to take back to their own student councils and administrations.

The Nebo School Board of Education truly appreciates this type of firsthand information and gaining insights from the students’ perspective. This collaboration ensures Nebo Schools District is aware of the many successes and issues concerning the students. The Board desires that all Nebo students have an exceptional educational experience.

Students participating include:
Tess Blackburn & JaCoby Jenks, Landmark High; Bryson McQuivey & Keslee    Andersen, Maple Mountain High; Kody Mecham & Marlee Hoffman, Payson High; Ezra Rose & Amelia Hunter; Salem Hills High;  Valeria Pelayo & Dallin Pepper; Spanish Fork High; Logan Hatch & Arlette Mendez, Springville High.

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