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October 2020 Students of the Month

Submitted by katie.kelly on Wed, 10/14/2020 - 10:14

Congratulations to our October students of the month! 

Macklin Mohler, 12

Konnor Miner, 12

Seth Johnson, 10

Orion Wilson, 11

Abigail Hales, 11

Jane Harward, 10 (not pictured)

Seth Johnson lives in Santaquin and is the son of Darren and Jenette Johnson. He likes to play instruments and he is part of the NHS and Key club. ASL is his favorite class and Mr. Kadish is his favorite teacher because he is fun and enthusiastic. A fact about him is that he likes to run. He describes himself as unpredictable. His advice to other students is “Keep trying and never give up.”

 Konnor Miner lives in Santaquin and his parents are Lisa and Brian. He loves video games, sports, filming for Youtube, track and field, and band. Mr. Wright is his favorite teacher because he’s hilarious and he helps make class easy. His favorite class is individualized life activities because he gets to play sports everyday! His future goals include serving a mission, going to college, and to get married in the temple. His favorite quote is: “I will go and do”. He has flipped a nickel on its side and he describes himself as motivated. His advice to other students is to not change because of someone else and to “Be yourself because that’s what people love.”

 Macklin lives in Payson and her parents are Mikell Anderson and Nathan Mohler. She likes to draw. Art or Ukelele is her favorite class because it's a good way to be creative. She is starting a podcast with some friends. She really likes true crime. She describes herself as creative. Her advice to other students is don’t focus on the bad too much, there’s always something good.

 Jane Harward lives with her mom, Whitney Loader in Payson and with her dad, Dustin Harward in Santaquin. She likes to write and draw. Her favorite teachers are Ms.Trapp, Mr. Field, and Mr. Thompson. English is her favorite class because she loves writing and reading. Her future goals are to graduate high school. Her favorite quote is: “Choose kind” from Wonder. She likes graphic novels and if she could describe herself in one word it would be bubbly. Her advice to students is to “Keep your head up and whatever you’re going through you will get through it. Live in the moment, drink lots of water and take care of yourself.”

 Abigail Hales lives in Santaquin and is the daughter of Mark and Ginean Hales. Some of her hobbies include basketball, soccer, playing the piano, violin and ukulele. Her favorite class is advanced conditioning because she loves sports and being active. She also likes her U.S Government class because she finds it very interesting. She thinks that all of her teachers are very helpful and teach very well. Some of her future goals include playing college basketball, traveling the world, and graduating college. Her favorite quote is “Look up, get up, and never give up.” One random fact about her is she likes cleaning her room and being organized. She describes herself as hardworking. Her advice to other students is “Do your best in everything you do.”

 Orion Wilson lives in Payson and is the son of Rhett and Alicia Wilson. His hobbies include playing the trumpet, skateboarding, hiking, drawing, and running. His favorite teacher is Mr. Marchant because he is such a great guy and caring to his students. A.S.L is his favorite class because he gets the chance to socialize with other students. His future goals are going to a nearby college and going on a LDS mission. His favorite quote is “Love won’t let you die alone.” He has a twin sister and he describes himself as a hard worker, but sometimes lazy. His advice to other students is to “Always put in your best effort and never be afraid to ask for help, the people that will love and help us are very precious in our lives.”