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CTE Students of the Year

Submitted by katie.kelly on Tue, 03/09/2021 - 11:09
Brian Blake

Congratulations to our CTE Students of the Year! Jack Larsen, Davis Carter, Taylor Brotherson, Jake Torgerson, Adda Rigby, Halle Bulkley, and Darian Pieper. These students were nominated by their teachers for their amazing accomplishments in a CTE program.


Jack Larsen: TV/Video

  • Jack goes the extra mile on all his projects, makes killer videos, and is always willing to help other students and manage the pride. -Brandon Arnold

Davis Carter: Woodshop

  • Davis is an excellent student, he shows creativity, commitment, hard work, he is helpful to all. He will do great things in the next step in his life. - Jill Carlson

Taylor Brotherson: Automotive

  • Taylor is constantly working on something new in the auto shop. He is always willing to work on any project I give him, and is willing to learn new skills in order to complete a task given to him. I feel his ability to adapt and learn is what makes him so successful in the automotive program. - Robert Taylor

Jake Torgerson: Welding

  • Jake continually looks to improve his welding skills. He ahs taken extra time to really understand and analyze his personally area of improvement. He represented PHS welding at the nebo invitational ad was ranked 5th at the contest out of 18! Not only is Jake an outstanding welding student, but he is found continually supporting other students who are in need of extra support with their welds. - Shaun Black

Addalynn Rigby: Digital Media

  • Adda always exceeds expectations with her work. She takes initiative to learn new skills and build on her existing knowledge. I have relied heavily on her for the social media team. She also produces some of the best projects in Digital Media! - Katie Kelly

Halle Bulkley: Teaching

  • Halle has a great attitude. She is so excited to be a future teacher. He excitement is contagious and makes our class experience fun. She is outgoing and positive. She is very creative and always goes above and beyond with presentations and lesson plans. She will be an amazing teacher! - Ashleigh Redman

Darian Pieper: Agriculture

  • Darian is an excellent student, exceptional leader, and a great example to other students. He is very conscientious of the work he does in class and helps other students. Darian will receive the state FFA degree while serving as the Payson FFA president, and has done a fabulous job of leading and winning competitions through the trials of a pandemic. - Howard Houston