Payson High School Girls' Basketball Preview

By Emma Garcia

The 2010-2011 Girls Basketball team is ready to start a fresh new season. The team is working hard toward improving and dominating every team in our region. Coaching the team this year is David Hiatt, Tona Graff, Paul Barber, and Lee Ryan. “We will surprise people,” said Junior Mary Allphin. “If we play as a team we will be successful,” said Coach Hiatt. This year’s team goals are “to be united as a team,” said Senior Katelyn Barney.  The team is also working hard toward their goal “to conquer and win the state championship,” said Sophomore Priscilla Hales. The girls are working as a team to prepare themselves for what will come in the coming season. “Heather Finch and Tori Adams are the two with the most experience and should help the others as we start the season,” said Coach Hiatt. “We sweat together, we wipe off each other’s blood and that made us closer as a team,” said sophomore Priscilla Hales.

Seniors on the team are Tori Adams, Heather Finch, Katelyn Barney, and Katie Swenson. Juniors are Mary Allphin, KD Apgood, Whitney Briggs, Kaylee Cook, Taylor Quist, Ashlee Rowley, Tess Spencer, and Jessica Verwer. And finally Sophomores on the team are Priscilla Hales, Katelyn Hannifin, Mckinley Orton, Kristin Robbins, Brenae Rosser, Erika Rowely, Heather Sorenson, and Mckenzie Trotter. Although the girls had a rough start at their first game in Provo, they are not going to let that stop them from having a great year. Go cheer on our girls on December 2 at Orem!