PHS Boys' Baksetball Preview

By Kylee Steele

It’s that time again… yes, boys basketball season! All the boys are very excited to kick off the season. Our first game is Tuesday the 23rd at home against Tooele! “This year the teams goal is to win more games and become state champs!” said Coach Lunt and Clint Bateman. This year they plan to work hard with help and strength from seniors, juniors, and even some of the sophomores and of course the captains who are BJ Ford, Braiden Wright, Kolton Jewett, and Clint Bateman. All together there are 24 boys total on this year’s team. “I think we will do well this season, and we are all super excited to play!” said BJ. “This year we are all working super hard and I think we are prepared to win a state title, and this year is different from last because of our work ethic, we want to win more and I think were going to!” said Braiden Wright. We wish our awesome boys much luck this season, and we hope you will do better than last year, we know you’ll do well!