PHS Choir: California Dreamin'

Megan Garrett
chiorpic 2.jpg

Payson High School Choirs had been preparing all year for this spring festival in the wonderfully warm state of California. Finally, the 24th day of March came, the day to embark on their epic adventure!  After months of singing, signing papers, singing, rehearsing, fundraising, singing, and packing; PHS Concert Choir boarded the tour bus with an air of excitement. 

After a twelve hour drive, Concert Choir began their adventure with a performance at the Regents Point Senior Center for the elderly, and then the choir went to Widney High School, a school for kids with special needs.  “It was awesome to see their faces light up, the way they connected with the music, and how they communicated through the music,” said Melissa Green.

The Concert and Chamber Choirs were also able to sing for clinician, Dr. Chris Peterson at Cal State Fullerton, who taught the choirs techniques for breathing and singing, and the choirs left the feeling refreshed and well-educated. 

At last, some sleep, and then the choir was up and singing again.  They went to sing for the Music in the Parks Festival where the two choirs sang wonderfully.  Concert Choir sang first and did amazing.  Chamber Choir followed, receiving a standing ovation from the other choirs that attended the festival. 

Disneyland was next.  Renewed from that adrenaline rush, the choirs entered the park looking forward to a fun day.  PHS choirs went to the awards ceremony for the festival and received three awards.  Chamber Choir won 1st place in the mixed choirs category, Concert Choir received 1st place in the mixed choirs 2 category, and Chamber Choir won 1st place out of all high school choirs.  “The real reward came at the end of the performance.  The trophies were just fluff at the end.  Those kids didn’t need trophies because of how they felt after they performed.  They couldn’t do better than they did, and no trophy could produce the same results,” said the PHS Choir Director, Marilyn Morgan.  GOOD JOB PHS CHOIRS!! 

Sunday was the last day of performing as the choirs sang at the First Congregational Church where they received a warm welcome.  Moving right along, the choirs went to an LDS church to sing for their ward.  Growing more and more tired by the hour, the Concert Choir went to the Los Angeles Temple Visitor’s Center to sing for the missionaries.   

Monday was the Choir’s final day in California and they made the best of it.  Arriving at Disneyland around 9:30 am, the choirs stayed until midnight.  They rode many rides, took pictures with Disney characters, shopped, and attended the “World of Color.” By the time these teenagers boarded the bus to go home, they were exhausted. 

After twelve more hours, Concert Choir arrived back at Payson High School on March 29th, to breathe in the fresh Utah air, and realize that there really is no place like home.  Congratulations Concert and Chamber Choirs on all your success.  You’re amazing!