Payson High School Says Farewell to Officer Shepherd

By Kylee Steele

The seniors aren’t the only ones saying goodbye this year. Our very own Officer Shepherd will be saying so long to the halls and parking lots of Payson High as well. He will be missed by many, and is probably one of the coolest police officers our school could ask for. I know from experience, he helped me out a few times, like when I locked my keys in my car and he pried my door open and got them for me. He will be hard to replace! “I’m pretty sad, he is such a nice guy hard to see him go!” said Brianne Hiatt.  “I’m so depressed, who will I have to look up to and admire now? Even though I won’t be here next year anyways it’s still sad!” said Jessica Uresti. “It’s very sad to see him go, but change is always good.” said Brylee Biggs. Thank you Officer Shepherd for all that you have done for everyone we will all miss you! But don’t be too sad because Officer Shepherd will still be on patrol in Payson! So you might still come across him if you happen to get pulled over. He will be replaced by Officer Jay Hurst, so be sure to give him a nice warm welcome when you see him!