PHS Donates 84 Pints of Blood

By: Zac Quist

Thanks to the efforts of FBLA and Mrs. Bridges, the students of Payson High School have the opportunity to give blood and save lives. This year, we have already had two blood drives, and the last one was a great success! Students, teachers and faculty alike came out to give blood, and together we donated 84 pints. Our goal was to donate 90 pints, and we were short by 6 pints! Six measly pints short! That’s only six students who chose not to give blood! Mrs. Bridges, the advisor over FBLA, had this to say about the drive, “We had a really good turn-out, but unfortunately, a lot of people could not give blood.” Come on Payson, we can do better than that!! Our next blood drive will be on January 21st, so prepare your bods to give! If you chose not to give blood this time because you were freaked out by the needles or maybe it was the strong odor of blood in the air and the continuous vomiting of donors, there’s still hope! You can still give blood with the upcoming blood drives in January and April, and you will live! I promise! So suck it up, and save a life dang it!