PHS Lip Sync 2009

By Zac Quist


            The Lip Sync is one of the greatest traditions at Payson High School. This year, the tradition continued with some awesome acts and some serious lip syncing skills. All of the groups practiced and rehearsed for several weeks and months. After all of the prep time, they were ready to perform! There were a total of eleven acts that night and they were all awesome! From the Revolutionary Robotics, to the Backstreet Boys, it was all insane! The acts included, the crazy Candace and Grover duo; awesome Frank; Dr. O and Webba; the triple act of Ashton, Doug, and Eric; select members of Dance Company; the Real Slim Shady and Will; freaky, dead Thriller dancers and MJ; The Spice Girls and Spice Men?; and finally, the Backstreet Boys. In the end though, there has to be one final winner! And for that, we leave it up to the patented Clap-O-Meter to decide. This year, its decision was clear, and thanks to all the ladies in the audience, The Real Slim Shady and Will were selected as the 2009 Lip Sync Winner! The group members included Camron Rogers, Will Parson, Nefi Nogueira, Trevor Gneiting, and Jordan Fuentues.  These boys were awesome!! Camron Rogers, a member of the winning group had this to say about the win, “It was fun shaking my stuff like Shakira. HIT THAT UP!!” Thanks to all who participated in the Lip Sync! You were all awesome! And all you out there in Newspaper world, if you want to be awesome and be a part of the next Lip Sync, watch for the sign ups in March or April!