Two PHS Students Participate in Fast Pass Program

By Melissa Green

By Melissa Green

This past June, two Payson High School students Greg Baird and Melissa Green were nominated and selected to join the Utah Fast Pass organization on a tour of Washington DC. The purpose of the tour was to inspire the selected AP students to become better citizens and learn more about our nation’s history and government.

Stanley Robbins, the Payson High Social Science department chair, nominated both Baird and Green, knowing that they would each represent our school well. Greg was also nominated for his love of US history and participation in his AP class discussions.  Green was nominated for her willingness to study the AP material on her own and she did well on the assignments.

Greg Baird loved the symbolism in the World War II memorial and enjoyed how it showed the union of the nation through the difficulty of facing war. His favorite part of the trip was their visit to the eye-opening National Holocaust Museum; a survivor of the Holocaust was able to come and speak to the group of students about what actually occurred and how he found the strength to forgive.

“The Holocaust is something that needs more respect and more emphasis in school. It’s a very important part of our history.” Greg said.

Greg would recommend this trip to anyone who loves history, government and humidity.

Melissa Green enjoyed the “Big Four” war memorials, especially the symbolism and reflection in the Korean and Vietnam memorials that mirror one another.  Melissa’s favorite part of the tour was stepping back in time when the group visited Historical Williamsburg in Virginia and witnessed a re-enactment of a protest against the Stamp Act.

“This trip was truly a life changing event,” said Melissa, “I’m so glad I had the chance to go.”

Melissa would recommend this trip to anyone who intends to be an informed voter and know more about our wonderful nation.