The Dark Horse: Jeff Pace

By Braden Clark
Jeff Pace Dark Horse1.jpg
Jeff Pace Dark Horse2.jpg

By Braden Clark

                Sometimes the Offensive Line doesn’t get the spot light that it deserves.  He puts the “Pays” in Payson, 5’ 6’’ 190 pound center for the Lions Senior Captain Jeff Pace anchors down the Lion offensive line. If anyone deserves this spot light, Pace has earned it.  Pace has extreme odds against him every game; he goes up against 300 pound defensive lineman, and still stands his ground. It isn’t the size of the Lion; it’s the size of the heart.  With having a young line around him, the sophomore and freshman lineman look to Pace for leadership.  Having extreme dedication exhibited due; summer practices.  Pace has proven to his teammates that he is ready to battle for his team.

                “Jeff has worked the hardest in the weight room, and it has showed his success on the field.  He is a great example to the young kids on the line; he always takes blame when he messes up.   If everyone worked as hard as he did over the years, our team would be really good,” said Junior quarterback Devan Judd said about his senior center.

                Jeff Pace is the definition of Payson Lions football; undersized, but with a bigger heart than anyone he will go against.